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Little Green Table
Edmonton, Alberta Canada
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    Edmonton Alberta, Canada
    T5P 1J6
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    We specialize in redesigning old furniture, bringing a new updated look to old worn out pieces. We can work with you to customize your own piece, you can purchase a unique item we've already recreated, or you can book a unique item we have sourced and have it customized.

    But the focus of our business is more than paint and existing furniture. We also create unique, one of a kind pieces using different materials such as recycled wood, metal and other things that catch our interest! Our creative spark is endless!

    We have recently started to create art. We were looking for some way to use the small amounts of paints left over from the furniture we redesign. After coming across some really spectacular ideas on the internet, we decided to try our hand at this.

    These abstract paintings have been created by repurposing leftover and mistint paints that would normally be taken to the local recycling depot. We use different methods of applying paint to canvas that results in unique patterns and colors.

    We always want to ensure we stay within the environmental limits so our finishing products are water based, low or no VOC paints, recycled woods and metals. Much of our hardware is purchased thru ReStore (Habitat for Humanity) and most of our furniture is purchased thru Find Furnishing Hope.
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